Blog Notes


Madrid is a city that is bubbling with life, it is effervescent! It draws you in and you become part of it. The Madrileños are famous for the love of partying, they party hard and they work hard.

The city has beautiful streets, with great bars and restaurants and tons of history. For Art lovers Madrid offers a fantastic array of styles, it’s a true feast for the eyes! And there is a real Cafe Society, the best places are the Latin District La Latina and the Bilbao and Salamanca areas of Madrid.

The traditional dish for Madrid is the Cocido Madrileño which consists of vegetables, chickpeas and beef, it has a special ritual to how you eat it! The dish is served in three phases, the first course is the broth, then the beans and vegetables are served and last of all the meat and the sausage. Give your taste buds a treat and try this!

Madrid is a great destination to learn Spanish and soak in the city life.

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