Blog Notes


Valencia is one of those cities that enchants you. It is a city with a distinctive village feel, everyone knows everyone and the beautiful streets are always full of people.

The city is an architectural delight and boasts the work of Santiago Calatrava a leading Architect with a futuristic edge to his buildings. It also has a huge mix of old historic buildings and modernist buildings from the turn of the last century.

The food there is superb, situated on the Mediterranean Sea it offers delicious seafood and is the home of the famous Paella in Spain.

One of the best events to see in Valencia is Las Fallas and it is always held the week of the 19th March, where papier mache figures are constructed and placed in the streets and squares of Valencia. On the last day, the figures are burnt in bonfires except for one, the one chosen by the people to be saved. During the festival there are firework displays, dances, street food, concerts and lots of events happening in the city.

Valencia is also home to the Tomatino, in the town of Buñol where the biggest tomato fight takes place. Remember to wear white clothes!

Valencia is a fun city where you can enjoy the beach life, nightlife, food and learn Spanish.

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