Gap Year or a Sabbatical?

Sometimes life gets to be too much and you just want to break free and do something totally different, challenging and enriching. Whether that be a Gap Year break from your studies or a Sabbatical from your job.

Learning a language in-situ is a really gratifying experience. It can be hard at the beginning when you throw yourself in with both feet and you realise how hard it is to communicate at first, but afterwards you start understanding a word, then a sentence then a whole conversation and after a bit of hard work, patience, persistence and determination you will be fluent!

The best part is meeting people from all walks of life, from different corners of the globe, it is really refreshing and fun, it opens your mind and broadens your horizons, and if you make enough friends you will see the world on a shoe string!!!!

We offer affordable long term programmes and courses starting from over 1 months duration. Contact us for more information on how we can help you to find the perfect solution.


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