You will be in awe in Cuzco, it gained recognition as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1983. In Quechua (the Inca Language) the name Cuzco means navel/centre and it was the heartland of the Inca Empire.

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Dates: All year
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The Inca Empire stretched from Peru through to Ecuador, western and southern Boliva, down to the north west of Argentina. The respect that the Inca people showed towards the land, their ability to combine their knowledge of agriculture, architecture and hydraulics are shown in all its splendour when you see their circular terraces. Cuzco also boasts some exceptional examples of 16th century Spanish architecture.

The food in Peru is really out of this world. Peruvian food is renowned worldwide for its variety and its creativity, due to the unique mix of people in Peru. The migration of Japanese, Chinese and Spanish people to Peru mixed with the Inca traditions are all alive and present in their dishes, and it is a true delight for your senses!

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  • Private Classes 15 / 20 / 25 hour private classes per week

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