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Learn Work Explore collaborates with Amazon Web Services re/Start

Learn Work Explore collaborates with Amazon Web Services re/Start progamme

AWS re/Start is a free, 12 week, full time skills development program that prepares unemployed or underemployed individuals for entry-level careers in the cloud. AWS re/Start is collaborating with Learn Work Explore, a company that has dedicated itself to helping unemployed Spanish youth to gain confidence by improving their English and gaining valuable work experience abroad through paid work or internships abroad. Learn Work Explore will support learners throughout the AWS re/Start program and help them launch careers in cloud computing. Together, AWS re/Start and Learn Work Explore are excited to help individuals develop in-demand cloud skills and prepare for jobs in and around their local communities.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Learn Work Explore are collaborating to help learners build technical and career skills in the full-time, free AWS re/Start program. Learn Work Explore will support them through interview process for entry-level cloud roles.

Learn Work Explore has expanded the horizons of unemployed Spanish youth, helped them to gain valuable work experience abroad, improved their English and elevated their CV’s to increase their job prospects when they returned. Collaborating with the AWS re/Start programme is an excellent opportunity to help unemployed Spanish youth that do not want to work abroad, to improve their personal circumstances, join the workforce and build an exciting future for themselves. The AWS re/Start initiative will open many doors for unemployed Spaniards who are willing to learn the AWS Cloud and enter a sector which is facing a chronic shortage of qualified candidates. This is an incredible time to make the leap into the technology sector with huge opportunities to progress professionally and personally. Learn Work Explore is honored and enthusiastic about collaborating with the AWS re/Start programme and excited about the impact that it will have in transforming the lives of unemployed Spanish youth. Spain is behind the rest of Europe in the technology sector so there is a huge potential for growth in this sector in Spain. I am excited to form a part in this movement with AWS re/Start.

Each cohort of learners, supported by professional mentors and accredited trainers, completes a 12-week training featuring scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework. AWS re/Start provides learners with resume and interview coaching as they prepare for interviews and meetings with potential employers.

The program’s mission is to help unemployed and underemployed individuals who might not otherwise have access to technical education develop the skills they need to pursue entry-level cloud roles. Learn Work Explore helps learners gain job-specific skills, connect with employers, and embark on their cloud careers.
AWS re/Start and Learn Work Explore are excited to collaborate to build an inclusive and diverse global pipeline of new cloud talent by focusing on unemployed and underemployed individuals and helping them launch entry-level cloud careers.

Learn work Explore is working with AWS in Barcelona, Spain to offer the AWS re/Start program virtually. AWS re/Start prepares learners for entry-level cloud roles, such as cloud operations, site reliability, infrastructure support, and technical adjacent business support functions.

Learn Work Explore will connect learners with potential employers. Learners who do not receive a job placement following the conclusion of their cohort will receive feedback on growth areas to prepare them for future success.

The AWS re/Start program is part of Amazon’s efforts to help 29 million people globally grow their cloud computing skills for free by 2025.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: 451 Research found that 90% of IT decision makers reported skills shortages in cloud-related disciplines. Additionally, according to LinkedIn data, cloud computing has ranked among the top hard skills that companies need most for the past three years.