Online Spanish Reading & Conversation Classes with Native Spanish Teachers

Improve your Spanish Pronunciation, your vocabulary and become fluent speaking Spanish with native Spanish teachers.

Would you like to improve your knowledge of Spanish? Would you love to pronounce Spanish better? Would you like to feel more confident speaking Spanish? Do you have to do business presentations in Spanish? Would you like your children to speak and pronounce Spanish better? If you have responded yes, then this online course is perfect for you!

Level of Spanish: A2 or superior
Location: Online from home or from the office
People: 1 to 3 people can participate
Price: 1 hour & 30 minutes per week: 25 GBP/USD, 2 hours per week: 23 GBP/USD, 3 or more hours per week: 20 GBP/USD

Online Spanish Reading & Conversation Classes with Native Spanish Teachers

The ability to communicate well is essential to be successful in life albeit in our private life and in our day to day life. Being able to communicate well in Spanish can make our holidays a richer experience, it can help us to increase our salaries at work and it can help us to communicate with many more countries where the language is spoken. There are more than 450 million native Spanish speakers in the world, it is the second most spoken language after Chinese.

Improve your Spanish Reading aloud, an excellent way to get fluent speaking Spanish, learn new vocabulary and pronounce the language correctly with your native Spanish Teacher online. With your teacher online you will have a better idea of how your Spanish sounds and what you need to improve. You will be training your ears, your mind, your memory of new words and your pronunciation in English.

At the end of the class online you will be able to talk about what we have read and it will be an opportunity to gain confidence expressing new complex ideas in Spanish. This is an online group that you can do with Friends and family from home online and it really is a fun and exciting way to learn a language. Please note that you can decide what percentage of the class you dedicate to reading and if you prefer you can choose to just converse in Spanish.

Below you can read the testimonial from Nadia regarding the Reading Classes (excerpt in English):

Improve your Spanish Pronunciation and gain fluency speaking Spanish quickly! For more information about the Online Reading Classes and Conversation in Spanish with native Spanish teachers please call Anique on: +44 7904 380 498 or call Alicia or WhatsApp on: +34 667 493 846.

CONTACT US for details and more information for individuals and groups!

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